We are a member of FIEO, based in a city called Muradnagar, a famous hub for power loom fabric manufacturing and trading, only 40 kms away from Delhi, the capital of India. The foundation of this company was established in the year 1978 and started its operations in the domestic market. It was in the year 2011 that we expanded our horizons to the foreign markets and launched our export business successfully. Our principal office is located in Muradnagar, Uttar Pradesh. Starting from raw material, we have everything in-house. 

We are fully committed to arts and crafts revival and fair trade as a means to safeguard traditional crafts, create employment, and promote economic self-sufficiency. We have around 100 artisans and craftsmen employed with us. All our products are printed on superior grade, soft 100% cotton with either vegetable dyes or non-toxic eco-friendly fabric dyes. The intoxicating, rich heritage of India is embodied in the colourful customs, culture and crafts of the country. As a business, we strive to explore and unearth the beauty of the traditional crafts that have been perfected over centuries and embraced by the world. We invite you to an exhilarating experience of fine workmanship that is shown through our Home Decor products developed in India. Please email us with your questions. Connect with us on Facebook, Pinterest or our blog, and be the part of our endeavour.