Hand-Knotting is real craftmanship

Let me introduce to you an indispensable process involved in the manufacturing of our hand-loom products – Hand Knotting. 
Hand-knotting is the process of manually knotting the edges of a textile product viz, bed sheet, rug, pareo, beach throw, table mat etc. to impart a beautiful shape to the whole product.
If we see the origin of fringes, they were used to prevent a cut piece of fabric from unravelling when hemming was not used on the fabric. The use of fringes is ancient but now this process has evolved so much that the people have discovered multiple ways to make knots or braids by hands.
The hand-knotted fringes or knots or tassels that you see at the ends of our products display real hard work and intricate craftmanship. In India, in general, more women are highly involved in this process of hand-knotting. It requires an ample amount of time and precision to perform such craftmanship.
These are few of our products with fringes/knots/tassels
#fouta #yarndyed #hand-knotted #pareo

#pareo #beachtowel #picnictowel #handknotted #handprinted


#bedspread #bedsheet #wallhanging #tapestries #beachthrow

Chunri Elephant 600JS-151A

Hope you also like the tassels and fringes as much as we do!



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