5 unique ways of using our Handloom Handprinted Bedsheets

5 unique ways of using our Handloom Handprinted Bedsheets


Our wide range of Bedspreads can be used as these:

a) Wall Hangings/ Ceiling 
b) Beach Throws/Picnic Sheet 
c) Dorm Decor
d) Table Cloths for large tables
e) Fancy window treatments as Curtain 
f) Room divider
g) Furniture Cover
h) Handmade and unique gifts for your loved ones.

Check out 5 unique ways among the above here:

1. BeachThrows/Picnic Sheet

We have inculcated the beauty of deep blue sea and its creatures in our Beautiful Coral Designs bedspreads. You will be overwhelmed by the brightness of the sun and the freshness of the sea when you go for your holidays and carry along these Aqua beach throws with you. 
You can select an Ocean Paradise beach Throw or a Life with sea creatures Throw Bedspread or an All over Coral Throw Bedspread from here http://goo.gl/j0EJdE and use them as your picnic sheet. Best for your holidays!

2. Wall Hangings



You can hang them in your backyard or in your living room to beautify that area and relax in the evening!! The uses are multiple and these wall hangings look great in everyway.
3. Bedspreads
This is the conventional way of using our handloom handprinted bedsheets with fringes on both sides. Bring them home and experience the calmness of these cotton bedspreads this summer.
4. Room Divider/Dorm Sheet
Another way of using this, is as a room divider. It will bring colors to your bed room and lighten it up. You can choose among Mandala, Horsocope, or Chunari designs here https://goo.gl/S1cxly 
5. Tapestries 


Wow, such a lovely way to brighten up your living room when you use them as a Tapestry. Try it and share your pictures with us.
Any new ideas are welcome!!

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