Decorative Cotton Bedspreads with Elephants in colourful patterns

Throughout history, the elephant has played an important role in human economies, religion, and culture. The immense size, strength, and stature of this largest living land animal has intrigued people of many cultures for hundreds of years.

In India, Elephants have a special place in Indian Mythology. Ganesha, the Hindu god of wisdom and one of the most popular gods in this religion’s pantheon, is very distinctive in having the head of an elephant. As recounted in the Hindu sources, this was put on instead of the human head with which he was born and which was cut off by Lord Shiva. 

Round Elephant Print Bedspread

The Elephant head symbolizes great intellect and wisdom.These African Elephants on Bedspreads shows the same royal power and wisdom which have been the subject of history since many centuries.

Dancing Elephant Print Bedspread is shown here

In Chinese, the phrase “to ride an elephant” sounds the same as the word for happiness. 

In Thailand, White Elephant is considered holy, a religious symbol of the Buddha.When Thailand was called Siam, the sacred White Elephant dominated the flag and culture. According to Thai legend, in the beginning all elephants were white and flew through the air, like the clouds and rain.
Thousands of years later, a white elephant entered the side of Queen Sirimahamaya as she lay sleeping. Later she gave birth to Prince Siddhartha, the future Guatama Buddha. Among the predominantly Buddhist kingdoms of Southeast Asia, the most auspicious event possible during a monarch’s reign was the finding of a white elephant.


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