Bedspreads designs that say immediately Pick me up

Celtic knots,also known as mystic or endless knots,symbolized as repetition of appearance, interlace patterns,had their origin in the artwork of late Roman Empire.
These knots are used as emblems which can be found in jewelry, clothing and home decor.
Celtic knots carry a spiritual meaning too which says,” In viewing these knots, we can’t see a beginning or an end and therefore, these remind us about the timeless nature of our spirit and an uninterrupted life cycle”.

   This is another piece of art on bedspread which has carpet designing on it. 

Kalamkari, a Persian word derives its name from Kalam, the Pen and Kari, the work which collectively refers to the Penwork.The art of Kalamkari is a kind of picturisation on cloth which flourished in the small township of Sri Kalahasti (Andhra Pradesh). 
Kalamkari designs can now be seen in clothing, jewelry, home decor etc.
Shown here is the Kalamkari motif on bedspread.

This is a Saffron Rangoli design with decorative Tie Dye print 


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